5 reasons why you need a wine fridge

At a certain point in of your wine drinking career, you may start amassing a larger collection of wines. Or possibly you don’t like waiting for that white wine to get to a proper temperature before serving it with a group of friends.  There are many potential reasons, so you have come here to see if some of those reasons to own a wine fridge apply to you.

1. Temperatures fluctuate in your storage area.

Wines are fragile creatures, and ideally they are stored around 45o F to 65o F or 7o C to 18o C.  55o F (or 13o C)  is ideal.  If the temperatures in your storage area go far outside of that range, the wine could potentially be spoiled.

2. You want to be able to drink that white at the ideal temperature right away

White wines are best served chilled, but not too much.  Some people recommend storing a white in the refrigerator and taking it out 15 minutes before you plan to serve it.  This of course is not an exact science, so if you don’t want to deal with this, a wine refrigerator would be a more easier and exact method.

3. You own wines that you plan to age for many years

Older wines are even more fragile, so you don’t want to have the risk of them spoiling if they are placed in a non-optimum area.  Ideally wines that are meant to be aged should be stored in an area that is between 53o-57oF or about 11o-14oC .

4. You store your wines in a dry area

Ideally, the relative humidity for wine storage is above 60%.  If the storage area gets too dry, the cork could dry out and this could let additional oxygen into the wine bottle, which again is not good for the wine.  This is also why you should store your wine on its side, so that the other side of the cork stays wet.

5. Your storage area gets exposed to UV

It is not good to expose wine bottles to UV light from the sun or even florescent lights for an extended period of time.  A lot of wine bottles are tinted for this reason.  But I still wouldn’t leave the wine bottle out in the sun.  You could destroy it quite fast this way.  A wine fridge should be blocking any external UV light.  This allows your bottles to sit in a more ideal environment.

These are five reasons among many that you should think about when you are considering whether you should purchase a wine fridge.  Good luck.

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